462 Commits (lineage-16.0)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Peter Wickenberg 7ea0bd07d9 Merge commit 'refs/changes/68/226768/4' of https://github.com/LineageOS/android_device_samsung_msm8976-common into lineage-16.0 10 months ago
syphyr 2d9dd6b391 msm8976-common: proprietary-files: Update default source note 3 years ago
Bruce Levy d2305a880b msm8976-common: Mark rmt_storage as shutdown critical 5 years ago
syphyr ea3c8721a9 msm8976-common: Limit size of trustzone assert 3 years ago
syphyr 8873a33fb8 msm8976-common: Add TZ.BF.3.0.3-00077 to trustzone assert 3 years ago
syphyr 07bb0522cf msm8976-common: adjust lowmemorykiller settings 4 years ago
Srinivas Girigowda d262e94dcc msm8976-common: Modify DTIM config ini values 7 years ago
Alex Naidis 30b15467b2 msm8976-common: wifi: smarter decisions on whether to use a 2- or 5Ghz AP 6 years ago
Alex Naidis 205aa5b1aa msm8976-common: wifi: set beacon missed count threshold 6 years ago
syphyr db8e9918ab msm8976-common: Adjust link activity timeouts 4 years ago
syphyr cb065c796b msm8976-common: Fix max dwell time for passive scan beacon report 5 years ago
syphyr c591e3a1b6 msm8976-common: Increase continuous packets dropping threshold 5 years ago
LuK1337 a7e7fcdd35 msm8976-common: hal_lineage_livedisplay_default -> hal_lineage_livedisplay_sysfs 4 years ago
LuK1337 51a2a13e22 msm8976-common: comhal_lineage_livedisplay_default.te -> hal_lineage_livedisplay_default.te 4 years ago
Paul Keith 17c092f443 msm8976-common: Add flags to setup RIL properly 5 years ago
Paul Keith 4c8de368f2 msm8976-common: Override samsung_ril.h 5 years ago
Paul Keith e446fb6890 msm8976-common: Add custom ril.h in the global include path 5 years ago
Paul Keith d0f4c54641 msm8976-common: libril: Get off my back 5 years ago
Martin Bouchet 8a499c112a msm8976-common: libril: Fix network operator search 5 years ago
Kevin F. Haggerty 03561a2966 msm8976-common: libril: Fix SMS on certain variants 5 years ago
Paul Keith e58d34b5e7 msm8976-common: libril: Add workaround for "ring of death" bug 5 years ago
Paul Keith 6de7d014d4 msm8976-common: libril: Fix RIL_UNSOL_NITZ_TIME_RECEIVED Parcel 5 years ago
Paul Keith 9104ac2275 msm8976-common: libril: Add hacks for spliting of index 5 years ago
Paul Keith 97c7eb43ef msm8976-common: libril: Fix RIL_Call struct for 64-bit platforms 5 years ago
Paul Keith 986125f294 msm8976-common: libril: Add Samsung changes 5 years ago
Kevin F. Haggerty c7cde6eb43 msm8976-common: ril: Makefile maintenance 5 years ago
Kevin F. Haggerty f0df3c96f2 msm8976-common: ril: Import libril from hardware/ril-caf 5 years ago
Kevin F. Haggerty 5533845db7 msm8976-common: Set TARGET_NEEDS_NETD_DIRECT_CONNECT_RULE to true 4 years ago
Kevin F. Haggerty 74c3327190 msm8976-common: Build Samsung LiveDisplay service 4 years ago
LuK1337 c2e3a7b743 msm8976-common: sepolicy: Remove no longer needed rules 4 years ago
LuK1337 38786d49b8 Revert "Revert "msm8976-common: Binderize camera & graphics composer"" 4 years ago
LuK1337 9a5ff95ac6 msm8976-common: Add TZ.BF.3.0.3-00074 to trustzone assert 4 years ago
LuK1337 900aee2784 msm8976-common: recovery: Drop pathmap dependency 4 years ago
LuK1337 407b78f2f4 msm8976-common: Disable ANT+ for now 4 years ago
LuK1337 f10851da4f Revert "msm8976-common: Binderize camera & graphics composer" 4 years ago
LuK1337 9b22aa359f msm8976-common: sepolicy: Allow vendor_init to create files in /data/misc/radio 4 years ago
LuK1337 7efa7c4142 msm8976-common: sepolicy: Allow vendor_init to load firmware files 4 years ago
Tom Cherry 7aa66e91ba msm8976-common: sepolicy: Add restricted permissions to vendor_init 5 years ago
LuK1337 0c5cb53a04 msm8976-common: sepolicy: Address healthd denials 4 years ago
LuK1337 26e4e5df4a msm8976-common: sepolicy: Address hal_fingerprint_default denials 4 years ago
LuK1337 b0d28dc4c4 msm8976-common: sepolicy: Address camera related denials 4 years ago
LuK1337 8ae15d9d5d msm8976-common: Switch to regular camera provider impl 4 years ago
Demon000 22b76720e4 msm8976-common: camera: Store user pointer and pass it when needed 5 years ago
LuK1337 dafcd292e6 msm8976-common: sepolicy: Allow timekeep to read since_epoch 4 years ago
LuK1337 3c733e2cc6 msm8976-common: sepolicy: Address timekeep denials 4 years ago
Demon Singur 9d3d34ab77 msm8976-common: rootdir: Do not symlink sdcard legacy path 4 years ago
Bruno Martins 9b27fadfb2 msm8976-common: Only include legacy QC sepolicy 4 years ago
codeworkx c1d6909b63 msm8976-common: Do not cleanup unused fingerprints 4 years ago
LuK1337 3866a7d974 msm8976-common: rootdir: Update camera provider HAL service name 4 years ago
LuK1337 70e7d5daf4 msm8976-common: Drop TARGET_EXFAT_DRIVER flag 4 years ago