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A script to automatically update certificate for applications under Microsoft Web Application Proxy.

To use this script, download and install win-acme from

Start win-acme using wacs.exe and follow these steps

M and enter (Create certificate (full options))

2 and enter (Manual input)

Type in FQDN for web application and press enter

Type in same FQDN as Friendly name and press enter

2 and enter ([http-01] Serve verification files from memory)

2 and enter (RSA key)

4 and enter (Windows Certificate Store)

2 and enter ([My] - General computer store (for Exchange/RDS))

5 and enter (No (additional) store steps)

2 and enter (Start external script or program)

Type in path to Renew-WAPApplications.ps1 (example C:\Scripts\Renew-WAPApplications.ps1" and end with return

Type in {CertCommonName} as parameter and end with return

Finnish of by typing 3 and enter (No (additional) installation steps)

Each time your certificates are renewed this script will then update certificate in Microsoft Web Application Proxy to the latest